54th regiment

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54th regiment

Andrew ordered the formation of the 54th Massachusetts after receiving authorization from Secretary of War Stanton General recruitment of African Americans for service in the Union Army was authorized by the Emancipation Proclamation issued by President Lincoln on January 1, Secretary of War Edwin M.

Stanton accordingly instructed the Governor of MassachusettsJohn A. Andrewto begin raising regiments including "persons of African descent" on January 26, Many of these officers were of abolitionist families and several were chosen by Governor Andrew himself.

Twenty-four of the 29 officers were veterans, but only six had been previously commissioned. Appleton, [16] the first white man commissioned in the regiment, posted a notice in the Boston Journal.

Pierce spoke at a Joy Street Church recruiting rally, encouraging free blacks to enlist. StephensAfrican-American military correspondent to the Weekly Anglo-African who recruited over men in Philadelphia and would go on to serve as a First Sergeant in the 54th.

While there they received considerable moral support from abolitionists in Massachusetts, including Ralph Waldo Emerson. As it became evident that many more recruits were coming forward than were needed, the medical exam for the 54th was described as "rigid and thorough" by the Massachusetts Surgeon-General.

This resulted in what he described as "a more robust, strong and healthy set of men were never mustered into the service of the United States.

They were greeted by local blacks and by Northern abolitionists, some of whom had deployed from Boston a year earlier as missionaries to the Port Royal Experiment.

The regiment stopped a Confederate assault, [30] losing 42 men in the process. The total regimental casualties of would be the highest total for the 54th in a single engagement during the war.

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Although Union forces were not able to take and hold the fort despite taking a portion of the walls in the initial assaultthe 54th was widely acclaimed for its valor during the battle, and the event helped encourage the further enlistment and mobilization of African-American troops, a key development that President Abraham Lincoln once noted as helping to secure the final victory.

During the retreat, the unit was suddenly ordered to counter-march back to Ten-Mile station. The locomotive of a train carrying wounded Union soldiers had broken down and the wounded were in danger of capture. When the 54th arrived, the men attached ropes to the engine and cars and manually pulled the train approximately three miles 4.

It took forty-two hours to pull the train that distance.

54th regiment

Hartwellthey unsuccessfully attacked entrenched Confederate militia at the November Battle of Honey Hill. Hooper took command of the regiment starting June 18, After nearly a month Colonel Hallowell returned on July In fact, at the Battle of Olusteewhen ordered forward to protect the retreat of the Union forces, the men moved forward shouting, "Massachusetts and Seven Dollars a Month!

Of course not all the troops qualified. Colonel Hallowell, a Quaker, rationalized that because he did not believe in slavery he could therefore have all the troops swear that they were free men on April 19, Before being given their back pay the entire regiment was administered what became known as "the Quaker oath".

So help you God". Congress took action to pay the men of the 54th. Most of the men had served 18 months.Infantry, Artillery, & Cavalry Regiments of the Pennsylvania Civil War rosters listed by regiment. Part of the Col. Robert Gould Shaw and Massachusetts 54th Infantry Regiment Memorial in Boston.

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28th Regiment Infantry. Organized at Indianapolis, Ind., December 24, , to March 31, The Essex Regiment was a line infantry regiment of the British Army in existence from to The regiment served in many conflicts such as the Second Boer War and both World War I and World War II, serving with distinction in all caninariojana.com was formed in under the Childers Reforms by the amalgamation of the 44th (East Essex) Regiment of Foot and the 56th (West Essex) Regiment .

54th Regiment, Massachusetts Infantry (Colored) Organized at Readville and mustered in May 13, Left Boston on Steamer “De Molay” for Hilton Head, S.

C., May 28, arriving there June 3.

54th regiment

54th Massachusetts Volunteer Regiment. With lineage dating back to the Civil War, the 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Regiment (Selected Honor Guard), preserves the history of the Massachusetts National Guard and renders appropriate military honors at state functions and at funeral services for veterans who have served in the military forces of the United States.

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