An analysis of the themes in bury me in a free land a poem by francis harper

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An analysis of the themes in bury me in a free land a poem by francis harper

Literary Analysis This poem is based on the idea of hope and encouragement to move forward in life, despite all difficulties, and no matter how tough life may become.

It is also the demonstration of the love a mother has for her son. Behind this love, the poet emphasizes the idea of never giving up in any situation. The speaker in this poem is a mother who gives advice to her beloved son, who may also be seen to represent the younger generation.

Since the mother has successfully faced the challenges of life, she wishes her son to be courageous and bold in the face of these challenges and to also succeed in life. The poem is grounded in the memories and experiences of a mother. The tone of the poem is didactic, encouraging, and hopeful.

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The mother begins by addressing her son: Finally, she motivates him to never feel dejected due to any failures in life. She encourages him to move on just like she did, despite all difficulties. Structural Analysis This is a short free verse poem containing twenty lines, which are without any regular rhythm or formal rhyme scheme.

Guidance for Usage of Quotes The poem is a monologue that conveys the idea of encouragement and hope. The poem is based on the theme of advice given by a mother to her son.

An analysis of the themes in bury me in a free land a poem by francis harper

Her life is full of challenges. She tells her son that she faced these challenges and hardships, but she never gave up and continued her journey with patience and resilience.

Mothers can encourage their sons with quotes from the poem, such as: Also, they can use the following quote to motivate sons to rise again after failure and face the challenges of life confidently:"Bury Me in a Free Land" Frances Ellen Watkins Harper uses different types of figurative language to convey the theme of slavery.

She pleads the audience to not let her be buried in a land where slavery still exists. Harper cleverly uses metaphors, similes and imagery to show us the horror and despair of slavery.

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Bury Me in a Free Land, first published in the Anti-Slavery Bugle on 20 November , rings out timelessly, a declamatory work tooled with the hard directness of a folk ballad. Whether in refrain-like rhyme-sounds or individual words, Harper uses repetition to clever, but wonderfully natural-sounding effect.

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FRANCES E. W. HARPER, “WOMAN’S POLITICAL FUTURE” (20 MAY ) [1] If before sin had cast its deepest shadows or sorrow had distilled its bitterest tears, it was true that it was not good for man to be alone, it is no less true, since the shadows have deepened and life’s sorrows have increased, that [ ].

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