Battle of tal afar essay

Islamic State Iraqi forces raised the national flag on Saturday in the heart of Tal Afar, Islamic State's stronghold in the country's northwest, and said they were poised to take full control of the city after a week-long offensive. Tal Afar is the latest objective in the U.

Battle of tal afar essay

Battle of Tal Afar | Essay Example

As the operation enters its final stage, RT looks at what is making it so difficult. However, the forces are currently struggling to defeat the terrorists in the small town of al-Ayadiya a few miles north of Tal Afar, where the remaining militants continue to resist.

This last step towards the liberation of the district is even tougher than the battle for Mosul, located some 60km to the east, Colonel al-Lami says.

That operation took eight months and was finished in June. Diehard militants with nothing to lose Hundreds of militants are reportedly holding the ground in al-Ayadiya. Their exact numbers remain unclear, and they are apparently some of the toughest fighters that IS has. At least militants were found during security checks of 2, refugees, Iraqi news reportsciting the Kurdish Peshmerga, which is also fighting against IS in the area.

Kurdish forces also killed more militants on the way to Syria, Iraqi news reported on Tuesday.

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Troops continue to find wires everywhere and dare not touch anything. If you turn the light on, it explodes. There were bombs in refrigerators and even in door handles.

Meanwhile, many houses have already been reduced to rubble and there are no civilians in the suburbs of the city, where an RT crew was allowed to enter. Civilians caught in the crossfire, used as human shields At the beginning of the battle for Tal Afar around 40, civilians remained trapped in the city and its neighboring areas, according to the Norwegian Refugee Council NRCwhich is providing aid there.

The US-led coalition estimated that between 10, and 50, civilians remained in and around Tal Afar as of August Thousands of people, trapped in a warzone, faced a grim choice. Their plight was highlighted by the UN.

Thousands of civilians desperately fleeing Tal Afar battleground To have a hope of escaping Tal Afar, civilians had to move at night not to be caught by IS terrorists. The terrorists took men from the families trying to flee, according to Oxfam, which spoke to the civilians at a screening site in Badush, around 60km east of the city.

Battle of tal afar essay

The journey, in scorching heat and in constant fear of airstrikes, was a horror in itself. It was so hard to walk and the road smelled of dead bodies.

I lost my voice because I was shouting at my children to stay with me.

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We are worried they will kill my husband. Those who have managed to flee are waiting for it to be safe to return home, but some fear that there is nothing to return to. So we will go back when I have enough money and something to go back to. Meanwhile, displaced people trapped in refugee camps suffer from a lack of water, food, electricity, medicine and medical assistance.

What can we do with this amount of water? Shall we drink it or use it for washing? Or shall we use it for cooking?

Battle of tal afar essay

We need bread, aid. We need clothes, water. We are living in tough times.Battle of Tal Afar Carl Clausewitz, a famous Prussian soldier known for his military theories and history, once said, “War has its own grammar but not its own logic,” emphasizing that war and military are a form of art rather than an agenda of science with defined answers.

Tal Afar is located in the gap between the anticlines of Jabal Zambar to the southeast and Jebel Sasan to the northwest. The city is located in an open desert plain at the southern base of the Aedea Mountains.

On the eve of his biggest mission, in a career marked by hard jobs done well, Col. H.R. McMaster explained to me how the United States could win the battle . The battle of Tal Afar intensifies. Operation Restoring Rights is easily the largest since Fallujah, based on both the size of the assault force – five to six battalions, about 5, U.S.

and Iraqi infantry – and the scope of the objective. Tal Afar is a city of over ,, ranking it just. Aug 20,  · Watch video · U.S.-led Iraqi forces launch battle for Tal Afar.

Coalition forces help Iraq battle to oust Islamic State from one of its last holdouts in Iraq. “Tal Afar shows that when Iraqis can count on a basic level of safety and security, they can live together peacefully,” he said. “The people of Tal Afar have shown why spreading liberty and democracy is at the heart of our strategy to defeat the terrorists.” But the story of Tal Afar is not so simple.

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