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Business trend memo

June 27, Memo to journalists We became aware on June 7, that news media received a memo from John Gehring, casting aspersions on the Catholic bishops and their educational project on religious liberty, the Fortnight for Freedom.

These do not seem like eminent qualifications for telling bishops how to guide the Church. In his memo, Mr. None of our materials, of course, say anything about an election.

The Fortnight for Freedom responds to a broader trend in our society: Even regarding the HHS contraceptive mandate — the only one of the seven threats that Mr.

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Gehring seems to notice — the timing of the regulatory process and resulting controversy has been determined by the Administration, not by the Church. Though he puts these phrases in direct quotes,Gehring produces noevidence of this.

Instead he pulls a bait-and-switch, citing and misusing other quotes. Yet Gehring simply assumes that all this is a direct reference and Business trend memo overreaction to one federal policy.

A widening of the exemption not only did not happen — it would actually now be illegal, unless a new rulemaking process were to nullify the current one. Covering contraception is nothing new for Catholic institutions because it is already required in 28 states.

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The state mandates usually apply only to health plans that provide prescription drug coverage generally; only one state requires coverage of sterilization; the mandates can be side-stepped by self-insuring, or coming under federal ERISA standards; and only three states have a religious exemption as incredibly narrow as the HHS mandate.

The federal government has the most inescapably draconian mandate and the narrowest religious exemption in the country. In any case, our entire history of religious freedom in the United States has been aimed at defending the consciences of minorities against coercion by majorities. Gehring wants news media to ask of the bishops.

But we note that the claimed funding increases are for Fiscal Years and The restrictive requirements that tend to exclude Catholic organizations from domestic and foreign service grants did not appear in federal grant documents until midso would be the first year that is even relevant.

In any case, the government grants are not gifts that signify how much the government likes the Catholic Church. Nor are they payments in exchange for our silence when our religious freedom is attacked elsewhere. Instead, they are payments in exchange for the delivery of human services, without profit.

They are a sign only of the fact that the Church delivers human services more effectively and efficiently than others participating in a competitive process. This is an unwise objection for Faith in Public Life to raise, since its own staff of seven people includes: Smith happened 22 years ago, and c we already have spent many years of litigation and legislative advocacy to counter its effects, with some success.

Among other things, we helped enact the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of to restore federal protection of religion to the status it had before the Smith decision — and it is most likely under that law that the HHS mandate will be invalidated by federal courts. Bishop Stephen Blaire, chairman of the U.

The solution is for the bishops to resist the distractions of those others and stay focused on the merits of the substantive issue, emphasizing the Fortnight for Freedom as a time for education, prayer, and action on the great gift of religious liberty.

Business trend memo

Gehring simply ignores the element of government coercion, as do so many others who attempt to diminish the religious freedom aspect. It also involves actions by state legislative and executive bodies, some courts, and powerful interest groups.

Adding insult to injury, ACLU claims that such religious discrimination is not only permitted, but required, by the First Amendment—and a trial court recently agreed and is being appealed. Similarly, the Administration has taken the position that the First Amendment affords no special protection for the hiring of ministers by religious organizations.

Thank you for your attention to these observations.Business Trend Memo Words | 6 Pages. space. Also, it provides users access only to the resources they need for a particular task.

This prevents them from paying for idle computing resources. Business Trend Memo; Business Trend Memo. Words Oct 17th, 6 Pages.

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Is a Memo Even Necessary? A business memo is a short document used to transmit information within an organization.
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In the past a few years, the rapid advances in technology had brought us more challenges in adopting emerging technologies and pedagogies in our teaching and learning environment. As our school is committed to developing, implementing, and maintaining . Mindspark Interactive.

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Business Trend Memo; Business Trend Memo. Words Oct 17th, 6 Pages. In the past a few years, the rapid advances in technology had brought us more challenges in adopting emerging technologies and pedagogies in our teaching and learning environment. As our school is committed to developing, implementing, and maintaining quality education.

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