Colonialism in the austral realm

Learning Objectives Summarize how colonialism has affected the development and socioeconomic conditions of Australia and New Zealand.

Colonialism in the austral realm

Geography[ edit ] The Indochinese Peninsula projects southward from the Asian continent proper. It contains several mountain ranges extending from the Tibetan Plateau in the north, interspersed with lowlands largely drained by three major river systems running in a north—south direction: To the south it forms the Malay Peninsulaon which are located Southern Thailand and Peninsular Malaysia ; the latter is variably considered part of Mainland Southeast Asia or separately as part of Maritime Southeast Asia.

Culture[ edit ] Mainland Southeast Asia contrasts with Maritime Southeast Asiamainly through the division of largely land-based lifestyles in Indochina and the sea-based lifestyles of the Malay and Philippine archipelagosas well as the dividing line between the AustroasiaticTai—KadaiSino-Tibetan languages spoken in Mainland Southeast Asia and Austronesian languages spoken in Maritime Southeast Asia.

The countries of mainland Southeast Asia received cultural influence from both India and China to varying degrees.

Colonialism in the austral realm

Others, such as Vietnam, are more heavily influenced by Chinese culture with only minor cultural influences from India, largely via the Champa civilization that Vietnam conquered during its southward expansion. Today, most of these countries also show pronounced Western cultural influences which began during the European imperialism in Asia and colonialism in Southeast Asia.Australia and Oceania’s history and development have been shaped by its political geography.

Political geography is the internal and external relationships between its various governments, citizens, and territories. Historic Issues The European colonization of Australia and Oceania defined the continent’s early political geography.

Wallace’s and Weber’s Lines were developed independently to account for the differences in biodiversity between the Austral realm and the Asian realm. Scientists continue to analyze the true boundary between the realms.

These lines demarcate a clear environmental difference . Transcript of World Regional Geography, GEOG , Austral and Pacific Realms. World Regional Geography, GEOG Austral Realm Australia New Zealand What is the Austral Realm? What states make up the Austral Realm?

Have any of you traveled or lived in the Austral Realm? Commonwealth of Australia was formed out of the 7 colonial states. Colonialism in the Austral Realm To go back and colonize Australia again things would turn out differently.

The first record of Europeans arriving on Australia’s waters was around then 54 more European ships arrived between and , destruction and illnesses seemed to follow. Popular Culture and the Austral Realm.

Made up of Australia and New Zealand, the Austral realm has come to our attention in popular culture with the two following films. • Pre-colonial indigenous populations were at approximately •. Colonialism in Southeast Asia and the Austral and Pacific Realms.

Name: Institution: Colonialism in Southeast Asia and the Austral and Pacific Realms. In order to colonize Australia, I had to grab and sell their lands to other European settlers and moved their native Austrians to settlements.

It was easier to control them in settlement.

Introducing the Realm