Constitution relevance essay

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Constitution relevance essay

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Constitution Constitution relevance essay very relevant because it is the foundation of law in every country. On the pro side, the contitution is a flexible document.

It can be amended to fit the changing needs of our nation. Our republic, as outlined in the constitution, allows for careful deliberation to prevent rash actions from being taken.

The framers created a series of checks and balances to prevent any enfringement on the rights of minorities and most corruption of government if you believe as I do, as the framers did, men are generally selfish.

A few of the cons mentioned above state issues with laws, but laws can be made on all subjects. The constitution itself defines who has what power and gives us basic rights.

Is the constitution still relevant today essays

Federal laws and state laws should be considered separately. On the con side, the system outlined in our constitution inevitably leads to gridlock. Our modern world communicates faster and faster while our politicians sit in Washington debating over issues for weeks, months or even years.

Many also think the president should be directly elected and the electoral college done away with as it can produce different results than a popular vote. Some think the entire system flawed because of the unequal representation in the Senate 2 per state.

Whether you want this change within the terms of the constitution or outside of it is up to you. The Constitution was a magnificent effort and a brilliant creation.

Short essay on the Meaning and Importance of Constitution

It is priceless, but it is not perfect, nor can it see into the future. It needs to be modified and updated as time goes by. Read up on your factsand look at the bills the goverment is trying to pass.

We are bound to repeat history look at us right now. It is nearly cited in every presidential election and in every political choice as well. You need lawyers, and lawyers cost money. You need time, and when I say "time," I mean at least a decade to follow through with a constitutional claim.

Even if you got those two, you have to beat the state or a huge corporation that has endless resources and money. Inspirational cases that you hear about on the news and in the media about the little guy who won are always in the interest of the state for the purpose of myth making as part of nation-building.

Is the constitution still relevant today essays

For instance, claims about the government abusing some ethinic group and then the ethnic group winning a constitutional case is all about manufacturing the idea that groups are respected constitutionally in the state, and that they are part of the history and identity of the country.

To me, the constitution is a myth. Unlock All Answers Now.The American Constitution Essay - The American Constitution The basis of all law in the United States is the Constitution.

This Constitution is a document written by "outcasts" of England. The Constitution of the United States sets forth the nation's fundamental laws.

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Is The Constitution Still Relevant? Fifty-five men, months of revising, and thirty-nine signatures later our nations most important document, the Constitution, was formed. The Constitution is still very relevant to the United States and its citizens.

Essay about Is the Constitution Still Relevant? The constitution, it is the supreme law of the United States of America, mandating everything from how the government is structured, to the rights of its proud citizens; but is it still applicable to America today?

There were many great American figures and inventions that helped shape these changes.

Constitution relevance essay

But the most relevant part of history to the United States is the Constitution.

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