The positive aspects of fraternities

However, when the news post stories revolving greek life, they tend to be bias by only focusing on the negatives and extremely rare unfortunate events. Greek organizations are groups of either all boys or all girls who bond together and participate in a variety of events year round.

The positive aspects of fraternities

The event that was scheduled to begin at 7pm but it officially started 47 minutes late. Students gathered outside the union between the steps and the front door.

They formed a circle around this area, and waited patiently for the performances to begin. The first two rounds the DJ played songs that each group chose themselves. This part was a test to see if they could perform to any song that they heard. The first round of the Wild Card stage had a slow start.

It seemed like when then energy was good from all members of a organization, there was similar response from spectators. The crowd anxiously waited to be impressed. Sigma Gama Rho started to create a good reaction from the crowd. Lastly, Kappa Kappa Si took the stage. The groups performed in that same order throughout the last two rounds.

You could tell that the second round took more effort from each team, because each organization was having more fun, and some people were getting tired. Students responses varied from loud cheers to minimal applause. The music had most people in the audience dancing and singing. It was definitely a site of harmony.

Afterward, everyone started to mingle. It was a very good show and I would come back next year.It is a fact that Greek organizations on this campus are often scapegoats for negative aspects of our social life.

In his White Paper, President Jones even went so far as to call fraternities and sororities the “only anti-meritocratic entity that may today exist on those campuses where they still are allowed.”.

Trinity's former Dean of Students Fred Alford said at the time that the decision to force the Greek groups to go coed was made to preserve Greek life's positive aspects and to try to tamp down. As a result, fraternities and sororities may facilitate positive psychosocial development. However, in the context of the current culture of alcohol abuse, sexual assault, racism, heterosexism, and elitism in the Greek system, it may be harder to facilitate this development. The Positive Aspects Of Fraternities A college fraternity exists on the premise that a man is by nature a social being and needs the companionship with his fellow man. A fraternity provides a structure, and an environment in which close friendships can flourish, Bringing each of the fraternity members closer to themselves.

Sigma Sigma Sigma Chapters must hold chapter events for members and their dates in the immediate college town/area where the chapter is located.

Women's Auxiliary Organizations to Men's Fraternities Big Brother Organizations.

The positive aspects of fraternities

The committee also recognized the positive aspects of Greek life – the camaraderie and leadership-building – and wanted to allow everyone that opportunity, Alford said. So Trinity is also banning pledging, and opening the doors to anyone who wants to join – with some exceptions.

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Office of Student Life Fraternity Life. Greek Letter Fraternities and Social Fellowships are extracurricular organizations chartered by the College.

Jan 11,  · For the next series of studies, the researchers recruited members of three college fraternities—organizations in which loyalty to one’s brothers is of the utmost importance. Although the greek community obtains a bad reputation, the immense amount of positive impacts and aspects it has outweighs the negative.

Being apart of greek life has a positive impact on its members as it prepares them for their future.

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