The republican victory essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. If Americans knew in November what they know now, John Kerry would probably be president.

The republican victory essay

John McCain History The term Republican was adopted in by supporters of Thomas Jeffersonwho favoured a decentralized government with limited powers. The Republican Party traces its roots to the s, when antislavery leaders including former members of the Democratic, Whigand Free-Soil parties joined forces to oppose the extension of slavery into the Kansas and Nebraska territories by the proposed Kansas-Nebraska Act.

At meetings in RiponWisconsin Mayand JacksonMichigan Julythey recommended forming The republican victory essay new party, which was duly established at the political convention in Jackson. At their first presidential nominating convention inthe Republicans nominated John C.

During the first four years of its existence, the party rapidly displaced the Whigs as the main opposition to the dominant Democratic Party.

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In the Democrats split over the slavery issue, as the Northern and Southern wings of the party nominated different candidates Stephen A. Douglas and John C. Breckinridgerespectively ; the election that year also included John Bellthe nominee of the Constitutional Union Party.

The republican victory essay

Thus, the Republican candidate, Abraham Lincolnwas able to capture the presidencywinning 18 Northern states and receiving 60 percent of the electoral vote but only 40 percent of the popular vote. The abolition of slavery would, inbe formally entrenched in the Constitution of the United States with the adoption of the Thirteenth Amendment.

Because the historical role played by Lincoln and the Republican Party in the abolition of slavery came to be regarded The republican victory essay their greatest legacythe Republican Party is sometimes referred to as the party of Lincoln.

To broaden his support, he chose as his vice presidential candidate Andrew Johnsona pro-Union Democratic senator from Tennessee, and the Lincoln-Johnson ticket subsequently won a landslide victory over Democrat George B.

McClellan and his running mate George Pendleton. Although the Senate fell one vote short of convicting and removing Johnson, the Radical Republicans managed to implement their Reconstruction program, which made the party anathema across the former Confederacy.

After the Democratic and Republican parties became the major parties in a largely two-party system. In federal elections from the s to the s, the parties were in rough balance—except in the South, which became solidly Democratic.

The two parties controlled Congress for almost equal periods, though the Democrats held the presidency only during the two terms of Grover Cleveland —89 and — The Democrats, already burdened by the economic depression that began under President Cleveland, nominated William Jennings Bryanwho advocated cheap money money available at low interest rates based on both gold and silver.

Presidential campaign ribbon for William McKinley, c. Roosevelt opposed monopolistic and exploitative business practices, adopted a more conciliatory attitude toward labour, and urged the conservation of natural resources. He was reelected in but declined to run indeferring to his secretary of war and friend, William Howard Taftwho won handily.

With the Republican vote divided, Wilson won the presidencyand he was reelected in The Republicans easily won the presidential elections of, and Campaign buttonCampaign button for Theodore Roosevelt, c. The stock market crash of and the Great Depression that followed had severe consequences for the Republicans, largely because of their unwillingness to combat the effects of the depression through direct government intervention in the economy.

Rooseveltand the Republicans were relegated to the status of a minority party. Dewey in kept the Republicans out of the White House for two decades. Eisenhowerwho easily defeated Democrat Adlai E.

The republican victory essay

Stevenson in the general election. Nevertheless, Eisenhower did dispatch federal troops to Arkansas in to enforce the court-ordered racial integration of a high school in Little Rock ; he also signed the Civil Rights Acts of and In the early s Sen.

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The party retained the traditional support of both big and small business and gained new support from growing numbers of middle-class suburbanites and—perhaps most significantly—white Southerners, who were upset by the prointegration policies of leading Democrats, including President Truman, who had ordered the integration of the military.

Eisenhower was reelected inbut in Richard M. The Republicans were in severe turmoil at their convention, where moderates and conservatives battled for control of the party.

Ultimately, the conservatives secured the nomination of Senator Barry M. Goldwaterwho lost by a landslide to President Lyndon B. Many Southern Democrats abandoned the party to vote for the anti-integration candidate George C. In5 of the 6 states won by Goldwater were in the South; in11 Southern states voted for Nixon and only 1 voted for Humphrey.Donald Trump’s damage to the Republican party, although already extensive, has barely begun.

Republican quislings will multiply, slinking into support of the most anti-conservative presidential. The Founding Principles of the Republican Party - The Republican Party was formed after the dissolution of the Whig Party in the early ’s mainly due to the successful introduction of the Kansas-Nebraska Act that nullified the Missouri Compromise and caused disagreements amongst the Party’s members.

The Freedom Revolution was a. the collapse of communism in Eastern Europe b. the Republican victory at the congressional elections c. the end of apartheid in South Africa d. the mass organization of middle-class black men in Washington, d.c.


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. Watch video · Under Republican control, important committees — such as Chairman Devin Nunes’s House Intelligence Committee — have become scraping, sniveling, panting and pathetic tools of the executive.

The Republican Party is strongly against any type of government run healthcare system and any type of strong or overwhelming amount of government control or inclusion in the lives of American citizens. Bless with victory and peace, may the heav ' rescued land Praise the Power that hath made and preserved us a nation!” After many years of slavery a presidential candidate by the name of Abraham Lincoln runs for top Republican Candidate as he stands against Senator Stephen Douglas.

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