The summary of andreas suchanek business ethics and the golden rule case

Please note that this article is free for personal and educational use. If you intend on reprinting, distributing, copying, or linking to this article for business or commercial use, please contact us. We welcome media inquiries and reciprocal links. Putnam In a world crowded with so many moral and religious philosophies, one principle rises to the top as the most consistent, prevalent and universal of them all:

The summary of andreas suchanek business ethics and the golden rule case

After the game in which Kentucky shot 27 for 70 from the field, Rupp said "Hell, they just whipped us.

The summary of andreas suchanek business ethics and the golden rule case

That's the story of the game. I hope to be back here again sometime. JPS Note - Although many writers have portrayed Rupp as downbeat immediately after the game [some have suggested that he didn't shake hands with Texas Western coach Don Haskins, a claim which will be discussed in detail and debunked later in this article ], it is interesting to contrast that with an actual audio clip from an interview after the game.

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In the audio, Rupp does appear concerned about the free throw differential later in his life, Rupp wondered why UK was called for so many fouls when they were playing a zone while Texas Western was playing an aggressive man-to-man but overall, he seems upbeat and even has the presence of mind to start talking about the upcoming summer, and joking with interviewer Claude Sullivan about helping him broadcast baseball games Sullivan was also an announcer for the Cincinnati Reds.

Beyond that, not everyone claimed Rupp was downbeat at all. Bob Ingram, sports editor of the El Paso Herald-Post described Rupp in an article after the game as "relaxed, agreeable, jovial and seemingly happy although just a few minutes before the Kentucky team he was reported to have more affection for than any of the teams he ever coached was beaten for the national title.

In the end, the administration at Kentucky did have to haul Rupp away from the coach's seat. He never returned to the title game. He was 64 years old. He might never get that close again. He loved that team, 'Rupp's Runts. The coach later told me Texas Western used a player it had gotten out of prison.

Well, he no more believed that than he believed Louie Dampier was born in a manger. And he said it knowing I wouldn't believe it, either.

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He just needed to feel he hadn't been beaten fairly or it wasn't his fault anyway -- a feeling he tried to engender every time Kentucky lost a game to anyone.

For 42 years it was his way of dealing with defeat. Acerbic, arrogant, defiant, Adolph Rupp won games and lost none. It was his players who lost those JPS Note - The belief that Texas Western had a former convict was a gross exaggeration based on some rumors which the media at the time of the game allowed to propagate.

There had been a minor disciplinary problem while at the school, but one which was serious enough to cause the Dean of the school to write that Lattin not be readmitted until the matter had been cleared up. Lattin later enrolled at Texas Western. This, however, had not happened and thus Lattin was eligible.

This stubbornness to rarely admit defeat most-likely led to a few of the remarks below which Rupp reportedly said and which didn't help Rupp in the eyes of people looking to UK to integrate.

The first remark is also unfortunate since Kentucky HAD been recruiting black athletes sincemany of them of good academic standing. In a column by Bill Conlin in the Philadelphia News titled "The Baron Has His Boundaries," Rupp is reported to have replied to the question of whether he should start recruiting blacks.

I don't think Duke and Kentucky had to apologize to anybody for the way we played without 'em. So far we haven't found a boy who meets our scholastic qualifications.

It's got to be a Kentucky boy or from a neighbor state. We can't go raid some schoolyard. I hate to see those boys from Texas Western win it. Not because of race or anything like that but because of the type of recruiting it represents.Additionally, the research of Andreas Suchanek in the fields of interactional economics, the Golden Rule and the role of institutions has served as a scientific basis for Title: CMO bei Sonovum AG.

Professor Dr. Andreas Suchanek, holder of the new Dr. Werner Jackstädt Chair of Economic and Business Ethics: “In teaching and research we focus on successful social cooperation, which is also related to fairness, sustainability, respect, responsibility and trust. Business Ethics Blog Decision-Making Models: The Golden Rule Decision-Making Models: The Golden Rule This most basic and useful ethical theory, sometimes called the “ Rule of Reciprocity,” has a long history.

Term paper Academic Writing Service Research in higher education journal; Walmart and employee relations. In this way, the Golden Rule transcends divisions of class, status, or race.

This is what makes the Golden Rule such a powerful, universal principle. But, you can't manipulate the Golden Rule into defending your own immoral conduct. The basic requirement to make the Golden Rule work is a fundamental level of sincerity.

Adolph Rupp was the biggest racist on the was the end all and be all of evil in college basketball. He had the audacity to coach a Kentucky team that didn't have a single black player against Texas Western which had five black starters.

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